Hey ppl...currently cracking ideas for typo...rmb there is 3 things nid to show i-Ching... show 6 designs for "one word expression", Project 1- "The Quick Brown Fox Jump Over The Lazy Dog", 12 design and print it on A3 B/W, and lastly, Loren Ipsm-Flush Left, Flush Right, Centre and Justified, use Helvatica, 10pts and please note that: [1 sentence 12 words] print it on A4....

Lots of things is coming to Hit us...not sure There are easy or not, but we have to face Many of Them. What i wanna say here is, as a Team, Classmates and Friends, please don't hesitate to help, even just remind each other whats going on, whats our assignments, whats new in our course. We want to get along through this whole Course, meaning, 1 year++ more to go...i hope we can keep close with each other, because the Process of Learning is much More Important than what we Achieve in Here!

aLL ThE bEst guYss!!!

your sincerely,

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    yi hao,
    why do u study art? you should study journalism those kind of things. u gt the thing for that! cz your writting are very nice to read. keep it. hahaha
    see ya around. bb


    March 4, 2010 at 5:59 AM